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Worldprofit Platinum

Automated Income System

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What is Worldprofit? This Video Provides Answers

Worldprofit was founded in 1994 by Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Sandi Hunter, and George Kosch. Since that time more than 1.2 million people have become members and the company has helped tens of thousands of individuals learn how to make money online.

0 What is Worldprofit? This Video Provides Answers

The key to success among the members of Worldprofit is their system, which has at it’s core automated sales funnels and viral traffic systems. The solution is turn-key which means that the member has everything they need to create multiple income streams working from home in their first 30 days.

The following video is a recording of a recent live webcast presented by George Kosch. We conduct daily live webcast at 3:00 PM EST which you are welcome to attend without obligation. This provides you with an opportunity to hear first hand about the benefits of your membership at Worldprofit.

 Live Webcast Recording Featuring George Kosch

0 What is Worldprofit? This Video Provides Answers

George Kosch presents Worldprofit’s Silver Membership

You can Become a Free Associate Here

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What Do You Get at Worldprofit?

The Worldprofit Home Business System is designed to provide you with a number of ways to make money online from trusted reputable sources. Worldprofit offers three different Memberships to teach you how to build an online business and earn at the same time. The Membership levels are Associate Membership, Silver Membership and Platinum VIP Membership.

Worldprofit Associate Membership

The Worldprofit Associate is a free membership that includes limited access to a Member area, webcast presentations, a promotion referral link, limited traffic and software resources. Associate Members qualify for 5% commission for paid referrals.

Cost: Free

Worldprofit Silver Membership

The Worldprofit Silver Membership is the basic starter Membership for those on a budget who want to start an online business or build an existing business and need help, resources, training, traffic, and products or services to sell. Silver Members qualify for 20 – 100% commission depending on the product, service or vendor.

Cost: $99.95 Monthly Subscription or Annual Option

Worldprofit Platinum VIP Membership

The Platinum VIP Membership is geared to more serious individuals who want to build their online business with the benefit of having all of the inclusions of the Silver Membership, PLUS unlimited access to the extras in the Platinum VIP Membership. Specifically, our suite of webcast/video software, our popular Webcast / Web Conference products as well as the Autoresponder, E-Commerce Enabled ClickBank St

ore and more as detailed below.

Platinum VIP Members enjoy a number of premium services, bonuses and upgrades at no extra cost. Platinum VIP Members qualify for 30 – 100% commission depending on the product, service or vendor.

Cost: $149.95 Monthly Subscription or Annual Option.

What Do Get at Worldprofit?


  • Domain name and hosting for your site
  • Website Content Management System for edits, adding pages, links, affiliates etc.
  • Design Templates, Banners, Landing Pages, Advertising Aids
  • Worldprofit Dealership Program. This allows you to promote Worldprofit web-based services including Memberships to earn commission.
  • Prospect Management Software
  • Opt-in Newsletter Credits
  • Exclusive Leads
  • Newsletter Software and Templates
  • Associate sign up notification and Who’s Logged in Tracking
  • Sales Center
  • Access to PLR Store/Vault for personal use of hundreds of in-demand products
  • Link Cloaker Tool
  • Article Directory with 350+ articles for exclusive use of Worldprofit Members
  • Access to Free Promo Code Network
  • Traffic Exchange Credits
  • Safelist Credits
  • 50,000 Visitors
  • Ad Tracker Tool
  • Magic List Builder
  • Affiliate Center
  • Traffic Control Management Center
  • Monthly Traffic Injection
  • Read-4-Cash Software Plugin
  • Banner Promotion Kit
  • Traffic Tools
  • SEO Tools and Software
  • Friendly Technical Support 7 Days a Week
  • Live Monitor Network
  • Monitor Sales Training Program
  • 24 Hour Member Area Access
  • Enrollment in Home Business Bootcamp Training both the online training levels and LIVE interactive weekly training sessions. Graduates of online training earn Worldprofit Certification as an E-Business Consultant.
  • PLR Store with built in e-commerce (Platinum VIP Membership only)
  • Autoresponder (Platinum VIP Membership only)
  • Instant Chat with Video (Platinum VIP Membership only)
  • Instant Meeting Center (Platinum VIP Membership only)
  • Instant Video Recording Studio (Platinum VIP Membership only)
  • Instant Seminar System (Platinum VIP Membership only)
  • Instant Audio Recording Studio (Platinum VIP Membership only)

To Join Worldprofit: Click Here

main banner wp31 What is Worldprofit? This Video Provides Answers

Who is Dr. Jeffrey Lant?

The  Harvard educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO a

nd Co-Foun

der of Worldprofit, Inc. In addition to managing the 24/7

live business center, Dr. Lant is the chief content creator and mentor to all members of the monitor program. Monitors are members who volunteer their time for service in the live business center.

Who is Sandi Hunter?

Sandi Hunter is President and Co-Founder of Worldprofit, Inc. A respected design consultant and author, Sandi is responsible for all design at Worldprofit including members websites, custom design services, and management of a state of the art members support system.

Who is George Kosch?

George Kosch is Chief of Technology and Co-Founder of Worldprofit, Inc. A former pilot and flight instructor with the Canadian Air Force, George brings a disciplined approach to his instruction within the “Millionaire Boot-camp Training System” and as the chief developer of all of Worldprofit’s technology and systems.

I trust that my comments add a perspective that you can reply on based on my actual experience and knowledge of Worldprofit and how to make it work. I welcome your comments as well as your questions. Please feel free to post your thoughts below and I will be sure to respond in kind.

(c) Copyright 2008-2012 & Beyond James Holmes All Rights Reserved.


Note: James Holmes is an Affiliate Marketer and it should be assumed that links provided within the content of this blog and individual blog post are affiliate links from which I may be compensated for sales made at the recommended sites. All products and service recommendations are made as a result of my personal experience with the product or service provider.


Note: If you’d like to reprint this article on your blog or in your newsletter you have permission to do so as long as the copyright information and the resource box above remains with the article.

 What is Worldprofit? This Video Provides Answers

James Holmes

James Holmes is a Full-Time Internet Marketer and Sr. Mentor at Worldprofit. James has been a Platinum Member of Worldprofit since May 2010. James Teaches people how to use sales funnels and viral traffic to create multiple streams of income. To request a free 30 minute consultation contact James by phone at 303-523-9503 or email at

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